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Videos of Past Events

Videos from Some Select Events. Check Back Here for More in the Future!


Religious Liberty Initiative Book Discussion: 
The Immortals at the University of Notre Dame.

Steven discusses and answers questions about his book The Immortals at the University of Notre Dame. 

Steven Sits for an Interview with Channel 13 News in Des Moines.

Steven sits for an interview about religious freedom, Deep Conviction, and more. 

Religious Freedom-How to Get Invovled

Most people value and care about religious freedom, but they don't know what to do about it, nor do they fully understand what it is. Watch Steven in an interactive session on how to identify threats to religious freedom and support it. 

Free Exercise Law in U.S. History and Current Conflicts

Steven addresses the Denver Chapter of the J. Reuben Clark Law Society regarding the history of free exercise law in the United States and how it relates to current conflicts. 

Religious Freedom in Schools

Religious freedom plays an important role in the United States' public school system. Listen to Steven talk about it and answer questions from parents and teachers. 

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